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USA to Mumbai Flights: Explore the Best Deals for Your Dream Journey

Multiple airlines provide direct and connecting to the USA to Mumbai flights, making these flights easily accessible. Air India, United, Delta, Emirates, and Qatar Airways are a few well-known carriers.

Many airlines provide direct and connecting to the USA to Mumbai flights, making these flights easily accessible. Air India, United, Delta, Emirates, and Qatar Airways are a few well-known carriers. Depending on the length of the layover, direct flights normally last 15 to 16 hours, but connecting flights might last up to 24 hours. The airline, the season, and the amount of time you book in advance all affect the cost of flights. It’s crucial to take into account elements like travel duration, stopover time, and cost when making a flight reservation.

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How to find cheap flights from USA to Mumbai 

Here are some tips to help you find cheap flights from the USA to Mumbai:


  • Use flight search engines: Use search engines like Google Flights, Skyscanner, and Kayak to locate the most affordable flights from Mumbai to your selected United States location.
  • Be flexible with your travel dates:In order to get the best airline deals, try to be flexible with your travel dates. Instead of travelling on the weekends, think about flying during the week.
  • Book in advance: The greatest prices and seat availability can be found by booking your flight far in advance.
  • Consider alternative airports: Look for additional airports close to your location since they can provide more affordable flights.
  • Use airline rewards programs: Join the rewards programmes of the airlines you use frequently to accumulate points and use them to get deals on subsequent travels.
  • Set up price alerts: Set up price alerts on flight search engines or travel booking websites to get notified when the prices for your preferred flights drop.
  • Avoid peak travel times: Avoid travelling during peak travel times like holidays or festivals as prices are usually higher during these times.

By following these tips, you should be able to find cheaper flights from Mumbai to the United States.


Airlines Fly from the USA to Mumbai:


Air India: The national airline of India, Air India, operates nonstop flights from New York (JFK) and Newark (EWR) to Mumbai (BOM). In addition, Air India provides connecting flights to Mumbai from other significant US cities .

United Airlines: United Airlines provides nonstop service between Newark (EWR) and Mumbai (BOM). United also provides connecting flights to Mumbai from other significant US locations.

Delta Airlines:Major American cities have connecting flights with Delta Airlines to Mumbai (BOM). Typically, these flights link to Asia or Europe.

Emirates: Emirates offers connecting flights with a stopover in Dubai from key US cities to Mumbai (BOM).

Qatar Airways: Qatar Airways offers connecting flights with a stopover in Doha from major US locations to Mumbai (BOM).

Which is the fastest direct flight from the USA to Mumbai?

United Airlines now runs the quickest direct route between the USA to Mumbai flights. The UA48 flight connects Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (BOM) in Mumbai with Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) in New Jersey nonstop. 


The journey lasts roughly 16 hours and 45 minutes and covers a distance of about 7,800 miles (12,550 kilometres). However, depending on the airline, the destination city, and the season, flight schedules and availability may change. It is always advisable to contact the airline to confirm the most recent flight availability and timetables.


What are the most popular routes from the USA to Mumbai flight ?

Some of the most popular routes from the USA to Mumbai flights include:


  1. New York (JFK) to Mumbai (BOM)
  2. Newark (EWR) to Mumbai (BOM)
  3. San Francisco (SFO) to Mumbai (BOM)
  4. Chicago (ORD) to Mumbai (BOM)
  5. Washington D.C. (IAD) to Mumbai (BOM)
  6. Los Angeles (LAX) to Mumbai (BOM)
  7. Houston (IAH) to Mumbai (BOM)
  8. Dallas (DFW) to Mumbai (BOM)
  9. Atlanta (ATL) to Mumbai (BOM)

These are a few of the most well-travelled routes from the USA to Mumbai flights,but there are a tonne more options available based on your preferred departure city and airline. To locate the best routes and prices for your trip, it is usually preferable to check with airlines or travel booking websites.

What is the best time to get cheap air tickets to the USA from Mumbai?

The cost of airline tickets can vary significantly depending on a number of variables, including the season, demand, and how far in advance you purchase your ticket. However, in general, the low season, which is normally between January and March or between September and November, is when it is easiest to find inexpensive USA to Mumbai flights 

Booking your flight far in advance is another technique to reduce your flying costs. The cheapest pricing may typically be found by purchasing your ticket at least two to three months prior to your intended departure. You can also get cheaper airfare by being flexible with your travel dates and departure times.


To make sure you are receiving the best bargain possible, it is always a good idea to research costs across several airlines and travel booking websites. Last but not least, subscribing to email alerts from airlines and travel websites can also help you stay informed of any deals or discounts that become available.